Live Spread Betting and CFD Chart

The chart below is a very useful free tool for giving you a quick look at what the markets have been doing.

If you want to do any technical analysis then you are probably better off logging into your spread betting account and using the charts there.

Using the Chart

  • trending_upYou can search for a wide range of different markets. Just remember that with spread betting and CFDs the markets often have different names, the FTSE 100 is the UK 100, the DAX 30 is the Germany 30 etc. (see spread betting market names below)
  • trending_upFor a candlestick chart, just click the candlestick icon Chart Icon
  • trending_upTo zoom in, click on the chart and drag your cursor across the area you want to look at
  • trending_upFor a different time frame, just click on 5m (5minutes), 1h (1 hour), 1d (1 days), 1w (1 week) etc


Chart Data and Notes

  • arrow_forwardThe chart above is from Plus500. It is based on their CFD markets but that doesn’t make a difference if you just want a quick look at the markets.
  • arrow_forwardYou will note that it says “the prices shown are CFDs offered by Plus500 and are not market prices”. This is because:
    • chevron_rightLike all spread betting and CFD firms they take the underlying market price and add their spread. Naturally that makes a small change to the real market and creates “their” market.
    • chevron_rightIt’s easier / cheaper for them to give out free charts (and advertising widgets) like the above if they use “their prices” (there is less of an intellectual property issue).
    • chevron_rightThey can act as a “Market Marker” (just like IG, Financial Spreads, City Index, CMC Markets, Spreadex etc.). I.e. they are authorised by their regulator so that they can create their own market / prices if they want. This is what normally happens during the overnight session of their 24 hour markets.

Spread Betting and CFD Market Names

Stock Market Index Names

  • trending_up“FTSE 100” is the “UK 100”
  • trending_up“Dow Jones” is the “USA 30”, elsewhere it’s often called “US 30”, “Wall Street”, “Wall Street 30”
  • trending_up“DAX 30” is the “Germany 30”
  • trending_up“CAC 40” is the “France 40”
  • trending_up“S&P 500” is “USA 500”, elsewhere it’s often called “SPX 500”, “US 500” or “US 500”
  • trending_up“NASDAQ 100” is “US-Tech 100”, elsewhere it’s often called the “US Tech 100”

Also see guide to stock market spread betting.

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Forex Market Names

For forex markets just use the format “eur/usd”, “gbp/usd” etc. when using the chart search function.

Commodities Market Names

  • trending_up“Gold” is “gold” (no need to search for “AG”)
  • trending_up“Brent crude oil” is just “Brent crude”, elsewhere it’s also called “UK crude oil”
  • trending_up“US crude oil” is confusingly just called “Oil”, elsewhere it’s also called “Light Sweet Crude Oil” and “NYMEX” and “WTI”