Best Companies for Spread Betting

If you’re looking for the best betting pages in 2019, you’ve landed on the perfect spot. To help you find the right one, we have made a detailed analysis of the online betting landscape, and in this article, we present you the ranking with the best online betting houses in the Spanish market.

As in any other online betting market, different companies operate, and everyone does so with their strengths and weaknesses. Also, while a betting house may suit you well, it may not adapt to your neighbor’s or your best friend’s way of betting as well.

Our goal is to provide you with a good overview and make it easier for you to find the best alternative for you. Here we present only gambling houses that are licensed to operate on the Internet in Spain, which is reliable, have a good reputation, and offer secure means of payment.

All the betting pages you will find in this article meet these criteria, although they will differ by other aspects – such as the odds or the variety of betting options they offer.


Although no betting company can be perfectly adapted to all types of gamblers, there are certain objectively better or worse characteristics in some than in others. Here we base our ranking on these factors that distinguish the best betting pages in 2019:

  • Selection of quotas and quality of the same – betting houses that offer a greater variety and have the best rate of return in their rations.
  • Special features for betting-cash out, live bets or the option to create a chance
  • Specific functions or aspects that can differentiate a betting house from the competition – anything that it offers stands out about the rest?

Of course, there are other factors to consider, and we consider customer service especially relevant. But it is important to comment that judging is not easy because there are cases and cases, doubts, and claims more difficult to attend to than others, as well as care agents that will be better and worse within the same betting company.

There have always been, and always will be, customers who experience a deal they consider unfair by gambling houses. But at the same time, there are many examples of customers being served quickly and efficiently. After all, the first and most important thing is that they offer support in your language and, ideally, three channels of contact: email, telephone – possibly free – and live chat.

Another factor of great importance to all types of customers, from beginner gamblers to experienced players, is to be able to receive a nice welcome bonus when they register for the first time on a specific betting website. As a general rule, this type of offer is intended to give the customer the possibility to try an online gambling house with extra start money.

While your ultimate goal should be to find the online betting company that best suits you and keep you in it for a while, it’s always appealing to benefit from a great welcome offer than as a new customer. Hence, if you want to be aware of the best offers, we recommend you take a look at our welcome bonuses for new betting page customers

Although we will do a more detailed review, we leave below the links to a few betting houses that will allow you to bet with bitcoins:

  • DirectBet: their motto is to welcome the winners, so if you’ve ever experienced any limitations, you’ll appreciate their philosophy.
  • BetCoin: of the largest sports betting houses in bitcoin, offers a wide variety of bets
  • CloudBet: excellent welcome bonuses, if you are getting started can be a great option
  • BitBet: bets on almost any subject. If you not only bet on sports but also like to bet on other topics such as who will be the next president of the United States or how the Bitcoin quote will evolve, this is an excellent option
  • Nitrogen Sports: Sportsbook, casino, and poker, a complete, comprehensive and varied offer of bets with a meticulous interface