Spread Betting Diary

The Spread Betting Diary

A lot of trading diaries are based on fictitious wins or worse. Our spread betting diary is different, we just give a quick personal view of the markets, political world and spread bets… good or bad.

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31 October 2017: Stock Market Warning on the Trump Bump

With the Robert Mueller investigation hotting up take extra care if you’re buying stock market indices… or at least keep an eye on the US news / investigation.

It’s not difficult to imagine investors, who had been betting on The Donald to make life easier for them, suddenly wanting to cash in their profits and take some money off the table.

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Will the Russia probe cause the correction that many of us are expecting?

Also see our short piece, Caution: The Trump Bump Could Go Belly Up.

30 October 2017: Busy Trading Week Ahead

We have interest rate votes from the BoE, Bank of Japan, and Federal Reserve, we also have Eurozone Q3 GDP data, and lot of manufacturing and services PMIs… and non-farms on Friday.

You have been warned.

5 Minutes on the US Markets

Below, a 5 minute look at this week’s Fed meeting, inflation and they likely December rate hike.

And they squeeze in a few short bit on US corporate earnings.